Redeeming and rewriting our stories through the eyes of grace

It’s been over a year since I left serving a congregation I loved, a congregation that was centered on Jesus Christ. It was wrenching to leave, but impossible for me to stay, a bruising ending for both Liz and myself.

But when God brings us through a difficult ending, He loves to birth new beginnings. He turns our trials into a testimony and our pain into a pulpit.

The past year has been a year of reflection, healing, sweet support from lifetime friends, connection with new friends. Out of this season has come renewal, joy, clarity in how God is calling us to serve Him in the next new chapter that is unfolding. Knowing God has prepared us for this moment in time, our momentum toward this calling has been spurred on by the encouragement and prayerful confirmation of friends and leaders in ministry. Liz and I know that we do not come as experts, but rather as continual learners who want to facilitate others experiencing the healing that comes from being seen, known, and loved by Jesus.


Bob and Liz are students of the scriptures, equipped with over thirty years of ministry experience: “If our relationship with Christ is not changing us, we’ve ceased growing. We are committed to doing the hard work of deconstructing to construct what is more Jesus-y. This entails disentangling what is merely cultural from what is Christ-like, less enculturated, and more of what Jesus has in mind. We have road-tested our academic degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary and reflected on what we’ve learned from the heartaches and triumphs of thirty-two years of pastoral ministry. There is much to celebrate in the blessings, and much to mourn in the human failures. We hope it has made us humbler, sweeter, and more teachable.”

Liz is a certified trainer in the Healing from the Wounds of Trauma Course developed by the American Bible Society.

Bob and Liz cherish, most of all, their personal experience with 33 years of marriage and family life, and the relevance it can have in their service to others. “Raising five children has set us on our own journey of imparting and receiving grace. We have a special passion to teach what it means to put Grace Eyes on our marriages and on parenting.”

We’ve been cheered on by dear friends who have especially made the last year, despite the pandemic, a rich year of fellowship where we have discerned that the “Lord is doing a new thing” (Isaiah 43:18). Isaiah goes on to prophesy that the Lord will open up streams in the desert. We’re grateful to drink from that same stream, and invite others to join us.

Grace Eyes is not a study center, but a portable ministry built upon personal connection, experiencing the work of our Triune God, and beginning to walk out of that experience in community with others.

What we believe:

Grace Eyes Ministries serves everyone. There is no statement of faith or commitment required of anyone we serve.

As a ministry that serves in both the USA and Zimbabwe, and hopes to expand to other countries, our board, advisors, and major ministry partners can endorse the Lausanne International Ministry Covenant as a statement of faith and practice. We also confess what are often called the ecumenical creeds; the Nicene Creed, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Chalcedon Creed. These statements encourage us to focus more on what unites believers in Christ than what divides us.

Grace Eyes Ministries is also committed to social justice in all areas of life. In particular, we are committed to walking in racial solidarity as friends and allies in pursuing racial justice as a necessary part of discipleship and the outworking of the gospel. Sadly, there is whole area of racial trauma that must be owned and addressed by the white evangelical church.

Because “justice is what love looks like in public”, at its essence justice is simply about removing what is opposed to love. Rediscipling the White Church by David Swanson is a helpful starting point from a pastor who lives that title out boldly and wisely.

Putting Grace Eyes on the brokenness of the world will not allow us to remain silently complicit as bystanders.

Financial Support:

Grace Eyes Ministries is a 501c3 tax deductible ministry, and is grateful for the partnership, prayers, and financial generosity of our supporters.

We greatly appreciate financial giving designated towards our personal support, along with these targetted gift opportunities:

Additional Training for Bob and Liz: $1500.00

Zimbabwe Mission Trip: Total cost of entire trip and ministry: $5000.00 (includes two round trip air tickets $1200 each) Zimbabwe components: $500 Lodging; $400 Fuel for transportation; Fund a Large Group Meal that blesses twenty of our partners: $200; $150 Orphan Home trip to Chicken Inn; Training Materials and Bibles: $500.00; We also are developing a special project fund to empower key Zimbabwean partners to live out their ministry to the highest degree. The first focus for this fund will be providing a vehicle for transportation. Interested in going to Zimbabwe with us? Ask us about our next ministry trip in the fall of 2022 as the Pandemic in Southern Africa allows.


Grace Eyes Ministries is accountable to a Board of Trustees, who ensure strict accountability and integrity in all operations.

Coming soon: Those board members are: (announcing soon these wonderful board members)

Grace Eyes Ministries also has a Council of Advisors, who give counsel, input, and endorsement of this ministry.

Our Council of Advisors includes:

Dr. and Mrs. Jeph and Kudzi Chifamba

Pastor Peter Kanetsa

Pastor Tsitsi Kanetsa

We have served the following churches and are honored to be invited to partner with these churches:

Harvest Fellowship, Marlboro, Harare, Zimbabwe

Calvary Assembly of Domboshawa, Zimbabwe

Pastor Henry Zihove, Rugare, Zimbabwe