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Redeeming and retelling our stories through the eyes of Jesus

Who we are:

My wife Liz and I witnessed a person sharing about their brokenness in a way that added shame to their story. Liz said, “we need to put grace eyes on that” and the term stayed with me.

Then I witnessed this person redeem and retell their story after they had been equipped through the American Bible Society’s “Healing from the Wounds of Trauma” course. By engaging with a deeper narrative of the gospel, they were empowered to lift their story from a shame narrative into Christ’s redemptive love.

When a safe space for dealing with heart wounds is opened up, we saw life-giving transformation take place. And it brought into focus the core of what we believe the entire church must be enlisted in being and doing. When the church is equipped to put GRACE EYES on people, they experience how Jesus Christ Himself treats them.

The most life-giving thing about ministry is when ministry is life-giving. It became clear that this is the nature of the ministry we want to devote the rest of our lives to.

We’ve been cheered on by dear friends who have especially made the last year, despite the pandemic, a rich year of fellowship where we have discerned that the “Lord is doing a new thing” (Isaiah 43:18). Isaiah goes on to prophesy that the Lord will open up streams in the desert. We’re grateful to drink from that same stream, and invite others to join us.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joel Kanetsa snapped the picture above during a 2020 trip to Zimbabwe. We honor the Kanetsa family for welcoming and teaching us about Grace Eyes in action.

“Grace Eyes Ministries exists to multiply ministry where people are seen and safe. Where each person experiences how Christ sees them, and then transmits this same grace to others.”

“All of us in the church need “grace-healed eyes” to see the potential in others for the same grace that God has so lavishly bestowed on us.”

– Philip Yancey

Grace Eyes is committed to the principal that transformation comes from encountering Jesus, not merely teaching about Jesus.  When we encounter Jesus, we see ourselves through His eyes. When we let Him come into our lives this way, He grants us grace-healed eyes, “to see to see the potential in others for the same grace that God has so lavishly bestowed on us.”

“Many times Christians talk about being the Lord’s hands or feet, but how often do we seek to be the Lord’s eyes? How often do we realize the importance of being ‘seen’ so that we are truly known, and at the same time we are truly known, being fully loved?”

– Liz Myers

Grace Eyes Ministries will offer:

“Experience” Events:

In the future, we hope to offer places of free, unhurried, Christ-centered, worship, richly informed by scripture. A Holy Spirit welcoming gathering characterized by expectant faith and freedom for Christ to move in our lives. We plan to offer worship events that will leave you powerfully impacted by an experience of Christ. There won’t be another service coming in to rush anyone off. Some of us might stay deep into the night. And while Jesus is uniquely our Healer, shame is something that is always healed in community. If you’re interested in attending a worship event, or asking us to plan one for your community, email us requesting information about Holy Spirit led worship events.

Encouragement for pastors and staff:

Being in front line pastoral ministry for over thirty years, we love the men and women who serve as pastors and all those leaders who are on the front lines. Contact us. We’d love to have a conversation about how Grace Eyes could serve you.

Heart-Healing Discipleship:

A disciple is someone who has enrolled in an apprenticeship with Jesus, where through intimacy with Him, we learn to be like Him.

But that apprenticeship involves deep soul healing. This kind of healing is built into real interaction with Jesus.

Heart healing does not come through experts and an information drop. We do not come as experts. Nor do we come with a mere information drop. We believe most of us have been educated beyond our level of obedience.  Our emphasis is on discovery through facilitation in community. We want to get you talking about what you’ve experienced, about what you already know, and facilitate you bringing that out to yourself so Jesus can work in and through what you’ve experienced.

Jesus method of discipleship generally had three steps: 1. Watch me do ministry. 2. Do ministry with me. 3. Do ministry and I will be with you and guide you.

Spirit-led ministry is in constant conversation with Jesus. Jesus is our model for this as He was constantly in a conversation with His Father, doing only what the Father showed Him to do (John 5:17-19). Most of us recognize that we need some time of structured, focused prayer. Jesus modeled this in His own life. But Jesus calls us to live a life of prayer, a life that makes constant revisions to stay in alignment with Jesus.

Discipleship has been loosely defined as staying as close to Jesus as possible.
Through intimacy with Jesus, we become empowered to live our lives as if Christ were living His life through us. Jesus is our model. Jesus is our living mentor. Jesus empowers us.

Disciples pray like Jesus, with His power and authority. Disciples love like Jesus, so when people are around us, they experience how they would be treated by Jesus Himself. Disciples show up like Jesus in all the places we live that so desperately need him.

“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.” — Francis of Assisi

Seminar Topic

CHURCH HURT: The Wound that Can Block Your Healing

Church hurt is a wound that takes time to heal. Resilience comes not from suppressing the hurt, or superficially forgiving the hurt, but requires an emotionally healthy process when our emotional reserves may be depleted. What complicates church hurt is the fact that church community is supposed to be a source of replenishment and encouragement. Church hurt brings a complication to healing, because it not only inflicts a wound on us, but it creates a barrier to the very place that wound is best healed. Church hurt can even get tangled up with our freedom to engage directly with Christ. Church hurt is complicated, but it can become an experience that makes you better, not bitter.

Check out our seminar and contact us to register your interest.

Thanks to my awesome friend, amazing preacher and leader, Rob Chifokoyo, for putting this video clip together.